there is no enlightenment there is no salvation there is no body there is no form there is no invisible books? those don't exist either. god is in everything god is the root there is no place god cannot be found we are all children of god in this very moment, there is no promise of retribution no promise of life no promise of death as well everyone has the body of christ but only in a worldly sense for there to be a worldly sense there has to be something that is not a "worldly sense" Krisna consoled Arjuna... fight the battle and win... win the riches of worldliness fight the battle and lose... win the glory of the heaven... so whats the fuss? there are many fusses... impossible to count them all. like a club, it's one in one out. having come into this world, get out immediately coming in is getting out the preechers of soul condemn the worldly misfits of agony, possessed by demons, uncountable number of actings... to what end does it stop? in a flash of a bubble, butterflies can't keep their egos in check wisdom is detatchment whilist completely submerged percieving emptiness, a billion flowers and wow what a beautiful girl knowledges aren't worth keeping all the knowledge is availble right here right now what more knowledges could there be? knowledge itself is mind mind itself is knowledge picking and choosing it doesn't make any sense ah ha! phenomena? it's's buddha... mind? its the unthinkable... its the ultimate power... its the supreme being. half way is not getting anywhere at all. without settled faith, there's no direction. you can take LSD and be dropped into the deep end without any practice and dicipline you'll flinch in awe at the demons eat the apple but they are just demons they aren't different than angels so theres no fuss when an american grunt spat on the monk during the war... the monk became angry and wished to pick up a gun and fight... the teacher reminded him... buddha did the spitting. kill someone in a video game kill a real person learn to dislike the word try do and always fail esteem nothing more lowly than oneself